Ground Handling Services  

Sky Touch Aviation as a Ground Handling Agent :

  • We arrange a comprehensive Ground Handling Services at all Airports of India.


  • Can obtain the necessary permissions for Indian as well as Foreign registered aircrafts and overflying permit.


  • Coordinating with Airport Authority of India for parking bay.

VIP Facilitation customs and Immigration

  • Assisting Passengers and Crew in clearance through Immigration and Customs.

Baggage Handling

  • Designated supervisor will take care of all details like unloading, Customs clearances and security pertaining to your baggage.

Ground Transportation

  • We can arrange ground transport for business or pleasure with chauffeur and security if required, for passengers and crew. 

Aircraft Refuelling

  • Coordinating with the fuel company and ensuring fuel tank are ready and waiting so that the fueling is done immediately as the aircrafts gets parked on the bay to avoid delay.

Flight Dispatching

  • Assisting in filing the flight plan with ATC, taking clearance, obtaining necessary weather reports.

Authority Payment

  • Payments of Airport Authority of India charges like Landing, Parking, RNFC & TNLC, and Custom Fuel Duty etc. 


  • Arrange for flight catering as per specifications of Air operator.


  • Hotel bookings for passengers and crew.
  • Coordinating with Hotels for Wake-up, Pick-up & Transport of Flight Crew and Passengers.


  • Providing Manpower for cleaning of Aircraft Interior / Cabin.
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